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Contacting us via e-mail or registering for standardandpoors.com reveals your e-mail address and any other information you include such as phone number and/or mailing address. We will use this information to help us process your registration, fulfill your request or respond to your inquiry. All of your personal information will be stored in a secure database in the United States of America. Access to this database is limited to authorized persons.

In addition, standardandpoors.com stores a unique identification number, the username, and login status in a cookie on each visitor's computer. The identification number is retained and utilized to track usage of the web site in order to provide you with products or services you may be interested in, while the username and login status are only used for display purposes and site functionality during the current web session.

Occasionally, we use data collected about customers and prospects to inform them about products or services from Standard & Poor's our parent, The McGraw-Hill Companies, and reputable outside companies that may be of interest to them. Many of our customers find these e-mail promotions valuable, whether they are shopping for merchandise, taking advantage of a special offer, or purchasing unique services.


On rare occasions, and subject to applicable laws, Standard & Poor's may also share your information with outside "3rd Party" vendors who will be authorized to use this information solely to perform services (such as a "mailing" house) on our behalf. In order to change these cookie preferences, you must change your browser's preferences to disable cookies or delete cookies. Please note that disabling cookies for some services may affect the ability to use that service.

Security information is specific to each browser and operating system. Please check with your browser's specific company for more information. Some examples of how to change your browser's preferences are as follows: In Internet Explorer (versions 6 and up), this option is listed under Tools > Internet Options > Privacy. The setting has to be set to Block All Cookies. In Netscape (versions 7 and up), this option is listed under Edit > Preferences > Privacy & Security > Cookies. The Disable Cookies button should be checked.


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Δοχεία Λαδιού Καυσόξυλα

Χρώματα Σιδηρικά Καυσόξυλα



Καυσόξυλα, κάρβουνα, χρώματα, είδη οικιακής χρήσεως κ.α.
Λεωφόρος Σπατών & Νέας Λεονταρίου 20

Τηλέφωνο / Fax: 210 60 30 969
Εmail: info@mdavaris.gr

Ωράριο: 7.00 πμ. έως 8.00 μμ. από Δευτέρα έως και το Σάββατο, ενώ την Κυριακή από 8.00πμ έως 13.30μμ